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New operating partner at Velodrome Coffee Company

Paul Vafa joins Brice and Teagan Sturmer to help grow company

Since Velodrome Coffee Company's launch as an online coffee roasting company in December 2016, the founders, couple Brice and Teagan Sturmer, dreamt of creating a community where coffee could become more than just a beverage, but an experience.  Their passions deepened for the human element in coffee as Brice traveled abroad extensively in 2017 meeting with several coffee farmers in Latin America.  The pair decided to open a retail cafe to showcase their personally sourced and on-site roasted coffee in downtown Marquette, MI.

Soon after, regular customer, Paul Vafa expressed interest in joining the team!  Teagan and Brice realized the extensive knowledge and incredible amount of service industry experience Paul could offer to Velodrome would be a massive asset and key to continued growth.  The trio realized that their combined efforts could give way to greater growth in a way that would continue to strengthen the Velodrome brand and accomplish the mission of Velodrome Coffee Company.  

photo: Vafa Photography

"We never expected to take in another partner at VDCC, but our heart and minds were changed when we met Paul.  We have full confidence and trust that with Paul we have an even more incredible opportunity to live out our passions through business and connect more people with specialty, personally sourced coffee." - Brice Sturmer

The Sturmers, now equally sharing ownership with Paul Vafa express excitement for what's ahead.  Velodrome Coffee Company will continue to operate just like it has over the past few months of establishing a retail entity, but with even more attention to detail and potential for growth as the trio works together.  

Velodrome Coffee Company remains an independently, owner-operated company where you will likely see an owner behind the bar or working in the shop every single day.  The new partnership established between Paul Vafa and the Sturmers continues to ensure the family-owned business feel and requires owners be involved in the day-to-day operations in order to preserve the integrity and personality of the brand and vision.  

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