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The Aeropress Instructable

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- insert the rubber stopper into the brewing chamber just enough to create a seal


- insert paper filter into filter holder and pour some hot water through it, then set aside.


- use a 1:16 ratio (15g of coffee : 250 grams of water) grind to a fine sand feel...


- Add coffee into brewer / place on scale / tare scale to zero


Start your timer and add 20-30g of 210F degree filtered brewing water in a spiral fashion / you should see some bubbles coming out of the coffee / allow this to happen for 30 seconds


- Continue to pour water into the brewer in a way that evenly saturates the grinds up to 250 grams


- while the coffee is steeping, lock your filter basket with the prewet filter inside on to the brewer


- at 1:30 total brew time, flip your brewer onto a cup and press with firm pressure over the next 30 seconds.  

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  • I too am wondering about the grinder, and the scale/timer. Info please!!

    Kevin on
  • I just bought an aeropress and could really become obsessed with the quality of my single cup of coffee I normally drink each day. Gotta drink tea as well. What’s the ideal water temperature? I do use RO water (that’s really important too). Please mention the coffee grinder you used in the video. I am in need of a new one.

    Elisabeth THOMSON on

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