Terms of Service

Velodrome Coffee Company 

Standard Terms & Conditions

Rev 1.0A

The following outlines the standard terms and conditions for all purchases of commercial coffee equipment and repair services provided by Velodrome Coffee Company LLC, DBA VeloServe Coffee Co, its employees, subcontractors, and all affiliates.  Additionally, this document defines the terms of a variety of levels of business engagement. 


All new/used equipment purchased and service work on coffee roasters will require a signed contract between the buyer and seller.  The contract will define the terms and conditions of that specific transaction and is meant to provide the specific, unique details of the transactions and will list at minimum:

  • Pricing and payment terms
  • Description of item or scope of work 
  • Manufacturer and additional warranties

The standard terms and conditions are in place as an overarching framework to provide the unchanging terms that apply to any transaction Velodrome Coffee Company is part of.  The standard terms and conditions will wholly apply to all separate sales/ service contracts in full unless specifically called out and initialized by both parties in the signed customer sales/service contract.  

Full or partial payment by the client for any goods or services provided in full or in part by Velodrome Coffee Company LLC will be considered acceptance and acknowledgement of all the terms and conditions.


All commercial equipment sold will be as described.  Certificates of Authenticity from the manufacturer will be provided upon request.  


Velodrome Coffee Company carries out all manufacturer warranty work.  The conditions and provisions of the manufacturer warranty are defined by the manufacturer and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that the machine is supplied with the required utilities and is cared for properly to keep the manufacturer warranty valid.  Velodrome Coffee Company LLC seeks to represent the manufacturer and purchaser equally and accurately when determining if an issue during a warranty period should be the financial responsibility of the customer or manufacturer.  

No warranties are offered on used condition equipment.  

Warranty of Workmanship

No warranties of workmanship are offered on machines not originally purchased through Velodrome Coffee Company.  Warranty of workmanship for service on machines purchased through Velodrome is offered and is limited to only components serviced by Velodrome Coffee Company and lasts 14 days after the service was performed.  The warranty of workmanship applies only to the specific component serviced and does not include the connection to any other remaining un-serviced components.  Return calls to correct a recurring issue after it has already been corrected will result in standard billing service rates unless it is the direct result of technician mistake or unapproved work. 


No returns will be accepted as all commercial goods are special orders from the manufacturer

As per the standard sales agreement, customers have 5 business days from delivery to inspect new commercial goods for authenticity, damage during transit, and functionality.  Any deficiencies must be reported in writing or email with photo evidence during the 5 day inspection window.  Damages or insufficiencies will be corrected by Velodrome Coffee Company within 30 business days - the decision to fully replace or repair damaged or non functioning goods will be at the discretion of Velodrome Coffee Company.  Any damage that occurs during transit must be noted on the signed delivery paperwork or if goods shipment appears to be a total loss it must be returned to the sender without receiving the goods.  If no damages are noted on the delivery acceptance paperwork, then it is up to the sole discretion of Velodrome Coffee Company whether or not to correct damages caused during transit.  

Customer Service Standards

Ensuring customers have a way to communicate with Velodrome Coffee Company in a timely and efficient manner is of the utmost importance, therefore all service requests, sales/work orders or any other matter relating to the sale or service of equipment, must be in writing via email to the customer service representative assigned to the account.  Phone calls will also be accepted.  All communications will be responded to within 3 business days.  Emergency requests will be responded to within 24 hours.  

Service Response

The scheduling of all agreed upon service work will be at the sole discretion of Velodrome Coffee Company with the coordination of the client.  Routine maintenance and cleaning work requested will be scheduled to be completed within 14 days of payment.  Requested emergency service will be given the highest priority in scheduling, payment for emergency services must be made prior to service for all new accounts.  Service scheduling and timeliness is dictated by a number of factors beyond the control of Velodrome Coffee Company including but not limited to: Adverse Weather, Parts availability, Technician availability, Manufacturer communication, etc.  Due to this, no guarantees on when service is performed will be offered. Additionally, Velodrome Coffee Company is not responsible for any delays or lapses in business due to service or delays in service.  Under no circumstances shall either party be liable to the other party or any third party for any damages resulting from any part of this agreement such as, but not limited to, loss of revenue or anticipated profit or lost business, costs of delay or failure of delivery, which are not related to or the direct result of a party’s negligence or breach.  Velodrome Coffee Company will work in good faith to service clients at the most convenient time possible.

Standard Service Rates

  • $95 / hour for onsite commercial coffee brewing equipment servicing
    • All onsite repairs require one hour minimum billing, most 3rd party service calls require 2 hr minimum to account for additional admin, customer communication, paperwork
  • $95 / hour for all shop based commercial and consumer grade coffee brewing equipment servicing
  • $225 / hour for onsite commercial coffee roaster servicing  
  • $145 / hour remote consulting work or planning 
  • Overtime, weekends, evenings, holidays x 1.5 
  • Emergency Rate x 2
  • Travel Labor $35 / hour
  • Travel Expenses $.64 /mile
  • All billed service subject to tax of 6%, service fee to cover tool wear & tear and other intangibles of 5%, 
  • Project change orders billed at $250 per change plus additional costs
  • Jobs greater than 100 miles one way from 519 W Washington St Marquette MI may be subject to additional costs including but not limited to:
    • Daily technician per diem billed $77/day 
    • Lodging costs
    • All travel costs to and from site
    • $125/ day for any air travel days + expenses + per diem

Wholesale Account Complimentary Service

The intention of this Wholesale Account Complimentary Service is to assist with small repairs and adjustments that may be required from time to time by wholesale accounts in their usual course of business.  It’s advantageous for VDCC and the customer to have functioning equipment to brew coffee, this policy is our good faith effort to assist all our customers in a defined and tangible way.  All existing wholesale accounts that exclusively serve VDCC coffee and are in good standing with no overdue invoices are to receive up to 1 hour per month of complimentary technician repair service on all machines purchased through Velodrome Coffee Company.  Complimentary service applies to labor only, customers are still liable for all other service costs.  Service will be scheduled using our Service Response policy.  Complimentary Service does not include preventative maintenance work or cleaning and is redeemable for only repair work, software or hardware adjustments, equipment relocation, and/or equipment upgrades.  Complimentary service time does not accrue when it is not used and is not redeemable for cash or credit value.  


The customer is solely responsible for readying the space for equipment installation with the exact requested specifications provided by Velodrome Coffee Company, and/or the equipment manufacturer.  All utility connection requirements will be listed in full on the equipment specification sheet provided to the customer.  The customer is responsible for the adherence to all state and local building, health, and mechanical codes.  The client is responsible for providing access to the space at the scheduled time of installation.  Any deviation from the requested utility specifications, machine placement, space access, or scheduled installation time will result in additional charges and delays.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, the entire scope of installation provided by Velodrome Coffee Company is limited to only: the delivery of a tested and programmed machine to the site location, final connections to utilities, mechanical testing, warranty set up paperwork, and customer training defined in Complementary Training.  Each machine is bench tested before installation and calibrated. 

At the time of installation, the customer must provide all the necessary supplies and materials for proper testing of the machine, this includes but is not limited to:

  • 2 types of milk
  • All cup sizes
  • All menu ingredients
  • Filtered water supply
  • Coffee beans

Complimentary Training

All machines purchased through Velodrome Coffee Company that list delivery, installation, and training as part of the sales agreement will also include Complimentary Training of not more than 2 hours of on site time per project. Training will be scheduled for the same day and to directly follow the equipment installation. Training will include best practices, machine cleaning, use and care, as well as general operational information and troubleshooting techniques.  All other requested training will be billed at our standard hourly service rates.  


This policy retroactively covers all existing equipment and business relationships.  Questions, concerns, complaints, and comments can be submitted in writing and directed towards:

Terms of Service

Velodrome Coffee Company

519 W Washington St, Marquette, MI 49855