Velodrome is coming to Houghton!

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It's with great excitement that we announce the next frontier for Velodrome Coffee Company... Houghton, Michigan.  We are pleased to announce our partnership with Husky Eats and will be opening a full retail cafe in the library at Michigan Tech University on March 4th, 2024.  We're incredibly excited for this unique opportunity to be able to serve the MTU student body and the greater Houghton Community as well.  

Speaking personally, Houghton is one of my favorite places in the UP.  Not only is it the gateway to the Keweenaw but it's one of the most quaint and lovely little towns I've ever visited.  Some of my favorite memories of Houghton are helping with the opening of Camp Coffee downtown, skiing the Tech trails, and starting the Fleche Du Norde spring classic bike race right in downtown and finishing in Copper Harbor.   Velodrome is already deeply engrained in Houghton working to supply coffee, equipment, and service to several local businesses.  We already find ourselves in Houghton once or twice a week... so when this opportunity presented itself, it was a no brainer.  From the brick paved downtown stretch lined with gorgeous historical sandstone buildings, to the striking riverfront view rich with mining history, the town draws you in and brings you back to another time.  We feel right at home in this old mining town and incredibly grateful for this partnership on the MTU campus.  

This new location will be a full fledged 3rd Velodrome location with the same menu, service, and vibe that you've come to love from our current cafes.  We'll have our hot sandwich menu, waffles, bakery, and the same seasonal drink menu you're used to seeing in our current locations.  Obviously being within the MTU library will present some slight differences, but in the end this will be just what you've come to expect from Velodrome... with some much later hours ;)

We'll share more details over the course of the planning and buildout which will occur during the MTU spring break.  As for now we are hiring a number of baristas and we'll have room for part and full time roles.  All Velodrome employees receive the option for 50/50 split group health insurance, paid sick time, annual cost of living wage increases and our full time employees also receive paid time off.  We are also seeking a coupe passionate leaders to be our boots on the ground full time lead baristas.  If you're interested in applying, fill out an application here.  

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  • Hello!

    I am a MTU student and a coffee fanatic! I am so excited to hear that you are expanding to Houghton! The current coffee situation on campus is not the best, so I’m very thankful that you’ve made this decision.

    My family also owns a small business roasting/distributing coffee and providing/repairing espresso machines and brewers. So it is very exciting to see a small business making its way to Tech.

    I am just curious what espresso machine you plan to use at MTU and what bean/blend you might use for the espresso. Also, I am wondering if you might have any deals for students. Understandably, better quality, comes a higher price.


    Julian on
  • Great message explaining Velodrome Coffee Company and your next retail outlet in Houghton. I live in Florida but will travel to the U.P., again this summer to sample the wonderful Velodrome experience

    Pat Sturmer on

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