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The V60 Pour Over Instructable

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- Fold filter ridge over / place in v60 / pre-wet the filter with a nice dose of hot water


- Weigh out your coffee beans / 20g of coffee for your 300g of water (a ratio of 1:15-17)


- Grind medium, if you're familiar with a french press grind, go a little finer, look for a coarse sand feel


- Add coffee into brewer / place on scale / tare scale to zero


Start your timer and add 30-40g of 210F degree filtered brewing water in a spiral fashion / you should see some bubbles coming out of the coffee / allow this to happen for 30 seconds


- Continue to pour gently in spiraling circles working from middle to the outer edge / pulse your pours to only fill up the cone half way pausing intermittently to allow the V60 to drain


- after your final pour allow the brew bed to drain / shoot for 1 minute of total brew time per 100 grams of brewed coffee


- it's that simple... drink that coffee up!

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