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The Clever Dripper is one of my FAVORITE home brewing methods!  Not only is it simple, but it also produces one of the most balanced and exciting cups on a very consistent basis.  The Clever Dripper is what we like to call a hybrid brewer, it combines full immersion (when coffee steeps in water, like a french press) and percolation/drip brewing (when coffee passes through a bed of coffee, like a pourover) to extract coffee in a really unique way.  The full immersion helps pull out body, but since the coffee is still filtered through the bed of coffee and also a paper filter, the acidity can still ring out in the cup.

Before we begin the instructions, here's everything you need in case you don't have it....


- Fold filter ridges over / place in clever dripper / pre-wet the filter with a nice dose of hot water / set the brewer with the pre-wet water onto a cup to drain


- Weigh out your coffee beans / 14g of coffee for your 225g of water (a ratio of 1:16)


- Grind coarse, if you are familiar with a french press grind, go for that / should feel like coarse sand


- Add coffee into brewer / place on scale / tare scale to zero


Start your timer and add 40-80g of 210 degree filtered brewing water / you should see some bubbles coming out of the coffee / allow this to happen for 30 seconds


- Add water up to the final water ratio amount... so until the scale reads 225 grams


at 1 minute and 30 seconds, give the brew a little stir / the point of this is to break up the crust that forms at the top of the brew and make sure all that coffee that is trying to float stays involved in the extraction


- at 3 minutes, place brewer on cup or carafe to drain / if your grind is right, brewer should drain in about 1 minute and 30 seconds... if it's longer your grind might be too fine.  


- it's that simple... drink that coffee up!

 If you've found any of this helpful, let us know in the comments below and help spread the word by giving this post a share! Also, if you have a question about coffee do not hesitate to ask it below and we'll make a post about it soon!






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