September Artist Feature

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If you've visited the shop in the first few weeks, you probably noticed the awesome artwork on the walls!  Each month we feature a different local artist and allow them to display a range of their work.  

So, we'd like to introduce our first ever local artist partner, Brianna Cousins!

We'll be hosting a gallery night with Brianna, this Monday, September 25th from 7-9pm... so come meet the artist and learn all about her inspiration for the pieces we've been displaying.  If you aren't able to make it tomorrow, check out this interview with Brianna:

When did you start?

I had taken one class in high school and I loved painting in my free time. After two years into college I decided to take the step to pursue my art major.

 What would you say your preferred art medium is?

Spray paint. Mostly on wood because of the texture it provides, but also on canvas. I hand make all of my stencils and I really enjoy layering stencils to give the art more dimension.

 Why do you use bright colors in your work?

 I think it really helps express whatever is going on in my head. It brings a brighter sense and optimism to whatever might be going on in my life. 


How do you get the inspiration for the names of your pieces?

 Sometimes I name pieces before I paint them, usually after certain times or moments that I have gathered together. But sometimes I choose the name after making the piece, based on what it reminds me of.


Why do you want to teach art? (She is currently working on her teaching certificate).

 I want to share expression and creativity. I have worked with adults with disabilities and young children and there are so many ways to express yourself and I want to help other people grow in their own art and expression.


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