Ah, the Aeropress.... or as we like to call it here at Velodrome, the coffee syringe.  For everything the Aeropress lacks in aesthetics, it certainly makes it up in its ability to produce a damn, fine cup!  The Aeropress has become a pretty big deal in the Specialty Coffee Industry in recent years, developing a cult-like following and myriads of international brewing competitions... all that to point out, this is a VERY versatile brewer.  There's so many different ways to make a simple cup and some many variables to change.

On the flip side, the Aeropess also makes a no frills durable travel brewing machine.  It's compact, plastic, and super easy to clean and brew.  No gooseneck kettle or ultra-precise scale required.  People have made coffee with an Aeropress in remote and strange places all over the world,on top mountains, in the jungle, in office cubicles, and even on airplanes.... yes for real, it's called the Mile High Aeropress Club.

So buy one, make great coffee as simply or as complicated as you please anywhere you can imagine!  

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