From providing direction in starting your own coffee company, project assistance, or setting up a roasting facility, we can help!  With over 6 years in the Specialty Coffee Industry, Brice Sturmer, co-owner and founder of Velodrome Coffee Company, can assist.  Each consultation request is reviewed on a case to case basis and each case will be issued a detailed syllabus/plan of action after reviewing the consultation needs with the client.  Complexity of work, consultation travel expenses, and amount of time dedicated to the project are all factors that contribute to a final quote.  Loring Certified Technician.  

Examples of Consultation Services:

  • Roasting - one on one classes, roasted coffee critique/evaluation, new roaster set up, roaster repair, roaster scheduled maintenance, roasting company expansion, green coffee buying, packaging, roasting logistics efficiency assessment, new roasting machine selection, financial review, inspection preparation
  • Coffee Service - one on one classes, barista classes, extraction overview, latte art, cafe design, employee development, menu development, interviews
  • Equipment - new equipment set up, espresso, grinders, brewing, nitrogen/tap systems, troubleshooting, recommendations, beta testing, new product development
  • Startups - one on one brainstorming sessions, review of business plan, vision development, market analysis/research, startup process mentorship, networking, cafe planning, roastery planning, product development, equipment lists, new coffee company checklist, advertising plan, financial plan review and implementation, initial skills training
  • Audits - develop a custom checklist and allow us to perform a third party evaluation of your business or maybe another company you work with. This is best for large companies conducting quality checks of multiple locations or for companies holding vendors or wholesale partners accountable to certain standards.   
  • Remote Assistance - logistics assistance, content creation, prospect building, marketing, education resources, curriculum creation, 

Past Clients:  Historic Perk - Springfield, TN  // Plaza Mariachi / Cafe Madera - Nashville, TN  // Eighth and Roast - Nashville, TN // Honest Coffee Roasters - Franklin, TN // SYP Coffee - Nashville, TN // Camp Coffee - Lanse, MI // Cruise-N-Coffee / 231 West - Marquette, MI