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Colombia Finca el Chimbo

sent in our second round of pre-release samples

Elevation: 2000m  |  Process : Washed  |  Varietals : Caturra  |  Tasting Notes : orange rind, cherry,  spice cake

Finca El Chimbo is located in the municipality of Buesaco, in Nariño, Colombia and the owner, Irene Burbano, has been producing coffee for more than 30 years. The farm, situated at between 1,950 and 2,050 masl, consists of 2 Ha and Irene grows only the Caturra varietal. The coffee is fermented in traditional tanks for roughly 15 hours and then dried in semi-shade for approximately 5 days. In addition, Irene also picks and purchases coffee cherries from neighboring farms, allowing her to produce a bigger lot compared to the size of her farm.

She is 100% dedicated to quality as evidenced in the cup and considered a role model in the community, helping her neighbors and friends with their coffees. As a result, she won the “Mujer Cafetera” award (Female Coffee Grower) in the Mejor de Nariño (Best of Nariño) contest earlier this year run by local exporter InConexus. She dreams of continuing to spread the love of coffee growing within her community and being recognized globally for the quality of coffee she producers.





Peru Rayos Del Sol

sent in our first round of pre-release samples

Elevation: 1700m  |  Process : Washed  |  Varietals : Caturra, bourbon  |  Tasting Notes : plum, currant, tangerine 
Roasted in collaboration with Honest Coffee Roasters

Located adjacent to the national reserve of Santuario Nacional de Tabacones – Namballe “Cerro el Tigre”, in the mountainous district of Ilhuamaca, Peru, lies Finca Rayos del Sol, owned by Sr. Percy Pintado. The area in and around this sanctuary are known for its high biodiversity and exceptional scenic beauty.

The farm is named Rayos del Sol due to the amount of sun common to the region and symbolically because the farm is the source of livelihood and joy for Percy and his family. This beautiful farm is accessible only by hike or on horseback and situated at an elevation of 1700 masl.

Percy comes from a 2nd generation coffee family and loves his work. He lives in this small town with his wife and 3 children. The children in the community attend the school “Defensores del Santuario”, which provides primary and secondary education to approximately 300 students. Percy is known in the area for a very positive outlook on life and a particular focus on quality when it comes to his coffee.


Vietnam Da Lat Arabica Blend

a giveaway coffee

Elevation: 1500m  |  Process : Honey  |  Varietals : Moka, Bourbon, Typica  |  Tasting Notes : cedar, mead, black berry jam

This coffee was sourced by our new friend Nick Melhuish with his company London Saigon Coffee.  He has been spending some time in Asia, specifically Vietnam, trying to further the Specialty Coffee Industry in that area.  His sights are mostly set on starting a Vietnam based specialty roaster but along the way has started exporting some of the best coffees he comes across.  Now, normally Velodrome Coffee won't offer regional blends because it's hard to provide the level of transparency we seek in each coffee, but this coffee is a great example for an exception we make.  In countries like Vietnam where the specialty coffee industry is just starting to bud and crop yield/commodity approach is king (Vietnam is the world's 2nd largest coffee producer!) , the best way to increase interest among producers is simply by starting to buy the best tasting coffees and paying a premium for those.  In this, the farmers become aware of this new demand and can work with neighboring farmers to start implementing farming practice to increase quality.  So really, at this point in Vietnam, buying regional blends that taste amazing is the first step in establishing a sustainable Specialty Coffee Industry and as things continue to progress we can start to hone in on the specifics such as direct trade, single farm lots.  

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