3 SPEED - interesting coffee

country: HONDURAS

region:  city: SAN JUAN, community: BUENOS AIRES, state: INTIBUCA

producer: Jose Cupertino Gomez

elevation: 1600 MASL

process:  WASHED


 tasting notes: STRAWBERRY, HONEY, RAISIN 

I had the extreme honor of visiting Honduras this spring, you can read about that trip here!   That trip was an absolute, eye-opening experience.  My previous opinion of Honduras coffee before this trip was not very high; I always found Honduras coffee to be flat and one-dimensional in flavor profile.  However... we got to taste coffee from multiple regions and tens of farms while on the ground and the lots I was tasting completed crushed my preconceived notions of Honduran coffee.  These cups burst with clean, refreshing acidity, and deep sweetness.  All that to say, I tasted some real gems... this is one of them sourced through an incredible project called, Genuine Origin.    They tell the story of this coffee well:

"This coffee is named after the man who grew it, Jose Cupertino Gomez. His farm is located in the municipality of San Juan... a coffee-growing region since coffee first arrived in Honduras. Don Jose Cupertino is a quiet man, with a lot of wisdom, especially about his farm, which he inherited from his father and intends to pass on to his children."

12oz / wholebean only / FREE SHIPPING