country: HONDURAS

region: MARCALA


farm name: FINCA JAZMIN

elevation: 1550 MASL 

process:  WASHED 

varietals: CATUAI / BOURBON


narrative: this coffee comes from a farm in the same region of Honduras Brice visited in Spring 2017. This coffee is grown by Nancy Hernandez, a second generation coffee farmer. Nancy is one of very few woman coffee producers in Honduras and focuses very closely on producing the best coffee she can on her small farm.

A little more directly from Nancy about her coffee journey: "I dream to live, to persevere.

At age 8, I began helping my father harvest coffee cherries on a nearby coffee farm. Over time, I learned about discipline, and what hard work felt like. Slowly, I acquired an understanding of how many countless people and hours of labor, all the various stages of production that were required to make up the chain of effort, passion and persistent dedication that allow for the worldwide production, exchange and consumption of this highly aromatic grain. My father has been a producer, since the 1970s, but our customs and machismo of the Honduran man created an environment such that we women had no right to inheritance of land on which to produce our own coffee. This has changed in recent years due to the increased involvement and contribution of women in the coffee trade. I remember, when young, my favorite time being when the coffees were pulped by hand and the removal of the sticky mucilage gave off the sweet flavors and aromas of honeydew… When I was 15 years old, I began to work at the local coffee cooperative. I was being responsible for the cleaning. Surrounded by people working across the coffee chain – from planting the seed, to serving a cup of coffee – I realized that this was my second family. Beyond that I saw that it was more united than ever. Working with groups of women who have organized together to achieve our dreams, I began to understand my passion, which is to work to implement new ideas for the development of my community and leave a small footprint in my country. Through this it has become clear that when you have passion you achieve your goals. There have been times when the fears and insecurities that I experienced during my childhood have came back, but I remain confident that women can do great things. "

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