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PRODUCER: The Salaverria Family
FARM: El Molino (Tablón Buena Vista)
VARIETY: Bourbon, Pacas
PROCESS: Natural
LOCATION: Ahuachapan, Ahucachapan (Department), El Salvador

NARRATIVE: Finca El Molino is located in the Ahuachapan department of El Salvador. Buena Vista is a section of the El Molino Farm, (also called a Tablon). 'Buena Vista' means 'Good View' in Spanish, in reference to the high altitude and view. This lot is dried right on the farm, on clay patios and raised beds, under the sun. The added elevation while drying can create more complex and interesting flavours in the coffee. The Bourbon trees on this farm (like many others in the region) can vary between 40-80 of age. Making this largely constient of very old genetic Bourbon. 


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