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NO SPEED / DECAF - Guatemala - Don José Bernabé 

Don José Bernabé is a first generation coffee producer, from a large family of farmers cultivating other crops. In fact, he himself grows lemons, bananas, oranges, and avocados on the farm, even calling his farm the Lemon Grove. Hovering around a very spry eighty years old, he manages his steep ridgeline farm with the support of his son José Martinez.

In the seventies, José Bernabé Martinez was picking coffee at another farm called Malacatio. When his mother died in 1980, he inherited a bit of land and began planting coffee himself. Over many years as prices improved, he turned profits to purchasing neighboring lots. He has had the pride of teaching his children everything he knows about coffee and farming, and they now support the harvest.

When our QC team visited this year, Don José Bernabé deftly climbed vertical trails to the top ridge of the farm at 1980 MASL, leaving our team gasping for air behind. Overlooking verdant San Pedro Necta valleys below, the farm stretches down to 1600 MASL. When asked what varieties his shade trees were, he joked, "My shade trees are 100% Chalum. And also Gravilea, Pino, Mandarín, limon, avocado ... "

This is our first time partnering with Mr. Martinez, and so far Limonar shines with characteristic brightness, playful tropical fruits, pleasant medium body, and a sweetened condensed milk roundness.

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