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So what's behind the name of Velodrome Coffee Company?  

To start, a velodrome is a track built for a specific bike racing discipline.  It has steep banked turns at specific angles to mimic the same degree a rider would lean into a turn.  The track essentially let's racers ride their bikes perpendicular to the track at incredibly high speeds... sometimes more then 50mph!

Here at Velodrome Coffee Company our tag line is, "FAST | SIMPLE | FRESH".  The velodrome track really ties into the first two words, fast and simple.  

As you can imagine, the velodrome track is built with the sole purpose of maximizing speed and helping racers maintain that speed through the laws of physics.  As the velodrome track is a symbol of speed, so Velodrome Coffee Company will be.  We desire to bridge the disconnect between the common consumer and specialty coffee.  One hurdle we see in that is inconvenience of current specialty shops.  People don't have the time to come into a coffee shop and wait 10+ minutes for their beverage.  Velodrome Coffee Company will seek to find ways to overcome this hurdle and provide the best possible cup in just a few moments.  We believe this act might prompt someone to try Specialty Coffee who normally may not have.  We will also strive to fill online orders in the quickest manner possible.

Simple... the bikes cyclists use on the velodrome track are incredibly minimalistic.  These bikes do not have brakes or gears, instead they have a fixed cog that allows the riders pedaling to completely control their speed. These components are removed because that are simply not necessary and will only weigh down the bike.  No coasting and no changing gears also creates a zen-like connection to the track and to the cyclist's momentum.  Velodrome Coffee Company also values simplicity and trimming down options to create an uncomplicated approach to coffee.  By having only a few seasonal coffee offerings at a time as well as a simplistic drink menu will help create a deeper connection to the craft of coffee for the consumer.  We're taking away some of the frills and going back to the beautiful basics.  

Lastly, we here at Velodrome Coffee Company care about cycling as a way of life.  Our founder, Brice, has commuted mostly by bike for years.  We love bikes as a mode of transportation, recreation, and culture.  We'd love to see more people get on bikes for any reason and hope that Velodrome Coffee Company can also be a vessel that connects coffee lovers to bikes!  You can also expect to see us delivering coffee beans by bike for orders within the city limits of Marquette.  

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post and learn a little more about us.  Don't forget to join our email list to stay up to date with all the new things happening here at Velodrome Coffee Company!  


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