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Our friend Katherine from MyCoffiesm shared her cold brew recipe with us!

MyCoffeeism is a great coffee subscription service my wife Teagan discovered!  Each month they send out a box with coffee that is hand selected from micro-roasteries around the country!  There's a few different box options that include varying amount of additional goodies included.

Anyway, it's a great subscription that we can't say enough good about and Katherine was kind enough to share some of her cold brew recipes for a sample of Peru coffee we sent her a little while ago!  Check it out below!

Willow and Everett Cold Brew Maker 

1:10 ratio (1 gram of coffee for every 10 grams of water)

Grind 90 grams of coffee to coarse and add it to the removable filter of the cold brew maker.  Now just add cold filtered water to the top of the brewer (900 grams of water) and let it steep overnight (12hrs).  Something that's a little different about this brewer is that it keeps the grinds contained in a metal filter which provides only a limited amount of extraction and also means you won't have to filter out the grinds at the end.  Another brewer very similar to this one is the Hario Mizudashi.  

Another simple way to make cold brew is by using a French Press!

1:7 ratio

Grind 107g of coffee to medium coarse, dump that in your press and add 756g of cold filtered water.  Again, let it steep overnight, or 12 hours.  Then you can filter out the big grinds by using the filter that comes with your french press.  If you want an even cleaner cup and to get rid of the little grind fines that can make your cup sludgy, put a cheese-cloth into a v-60 or chemex cone and decant your cold brew through it.


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