Coffee in a Can!

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Cans are here!

Now available in-store only... Flashed Chilled Iced Coffee and Handmade Lemonade.  

Why canned iced coffee?  Well, more importantly, why not? 

But in all seriousness, our motto here is fast | simple | fresh, and what's faster, simpler, or fresher than grabbing a cold can of goodness at a moments notice? You can be in and out of the shop in a matter of seconds, and the best part is we can in absurdly small batches, so all canned beverages are hand crafted and sealed no more then a few days prior to purchase... in most cases your beverage was probably canned just that morning!

We love adventure and the desire to bring our favorite beverages anywhere is the true inspiration behind the cans.  While developing the iced coffee, Paul wanted to create something for the non-coffee drinking adventurers, so he cranked out a batch of his famous 3 ingredient lemonade... and ta-dah!   

The Iced Coffee is currently our One Speed from Papua New Guinea, it's sweet, full bodied, and not too bright.  We roast, brew, and can all under one roof here at 519 W. Washington!  

Our Handmade Lemonade is also crafted in-house using a proprietary recipe and only lemons, sugar, and water.  It's a true labor of love and involves a full 24-hour process to create each batch.

$5 / each

$25 / mix and match 6 pack

click here for directions to the goodness

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