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Wow, I can't believe it's been 8 weeks since we first opened the doors on our first location here at 519 West Washington St, Marquette, MI.  It's been a WILD ride and I thought I would share a little personal update as so many people ask, "How's business going?"  I always feel bad that my answer is usually so vague.... so let's dive right in! 


1) The community has been overwhelmingly supportive.  It seems cliche to say, but we obviously couldn't do this without the strong support of our community.  Not only have people simply come in and bought coffee, but people have spread the word about what we do, have sought to learn what makes us unique, and have come out to so many of our crazy events.  Not only that, but other makers and entrepreneurs have been going out of there way to help with offering there special services for really great rates and a lot of times for free.  So thank you to so many... Jessica Wood, Dane, Jacob Miller, Alex Hopkins, Amy Vafa, Steve Farr, Rj Parrish, Dax Richer, Sam Ozanich, and many more!  







2) Our staff has far exceeded the expectations we have laid out for them and are flat-out crushing it!  Alexa, Jensen, and Paul have caught on to all our training extremely fast and have taken great initiative to learn more and go above and beyond in their coffee education!  There are few words to sum up how great it feels to walk out of your business with a trusted employee behind the bar and you as the owner don't have to worry about a thing!   From the bottom of our hearts, Teagan and I thank you!

3) We've been about twice as busy as we expected!  Thank you to all you amazing customers! We've had a blast getting to know you all and seeing our regulars day after day is what keeps us motivated!  Teagan and I have never worked this much in our life, but we can say it is the best "job" we've ever had... thank you!

4) We still have no idea what we're doing, we're certainly figuring this out as we go.  we've learned business is ALWAYS changing and the best thing we can do is try to remain flexible and focus on doing the right thing above all else.  

5) Lastly, we're looking to grow into some really exciting things... more on that to come.  We always want to strive for what's next and how we can use our momentum to always push forward to connect more people with more farmers.  


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  • The universe always reciprocates! Keep putting something good out there and you’ll get it back.


    Maria I on

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